Project My Neighborhood

Event Rules & Waiver


1. Players can bring their own blasters, but for safety reasons, NO MODIFIED BLASTERS will be allowed, this includes painting and internal modifications.

2. Leave your darts/ammo at home. Project My Neighborhood will supply the ammo for all Elite, Rival, and Mega blasters.

3. Everyone must wear eye protection. Please feel free to BRING YOUR OWN SUNGLASSES OR GOGGLES. Project My Neighborhood will have some eye protection available for those that do not have it.

4. No jumping on inflatable bunkers.

5. Avoid physical contact with other participants.

6. Shoot darts below the neck only.

7. When using dart gun, stay within the designated battle field (stay inside cones).

8. Respect other players.

9. Be honest.

10. Have fun!


What to Bring to Project My Neighborhood Blaster Battles: Sunglasses, Nerf Blaster (No Modifications), Water, and Sunscreen